The 20th ENSAI Economics day

"On Labor Markets Instability"

June 29th/30th, 2015, ENSAI, RENNES

>Registration (Deadline: June 20th, 2015)

In June 2015, ENSAI will hold its 20th Economic Day entitled “On Labor Markets Instability,” focusing on labor market dynamics both on the microeconomic and macroeconomic issues. The conference will be hosted by ENSAI. It is co-funded by the Chaire “Sécurisation des Parcours Professionels", Pôle Emploi and CREST-ENSAI with the participation of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and UEB (European University of Brittany). All the partners of the Chaire are invited to attend the workshop.


June 29th:

13h15-14h15: Lunch (room 008)

14h15-15h15: Robert Hall (Stanford University) - "Measuring job-finding rates and matching efficiency with heterogeneous jobseekers" (Slides)

15h15-16h15: Guido Menzio (University of Pennsylvania) - "Agency Business Cycles" joint with Mikhail Golosov (Princeton) (Slides)

16h15-16h30: Coffee Break (room 238)

16h30-17h30: Katarina Borovickova (New York University) - "The Proportional Hazard Model: Estimation and Testing using Price Change and Labor Market Data", joint with Fernando Alvarez and Robert Shimer (University of Chicago and NBER). (Slides)

17h30-18h30: Rui Castro (University of Montreal and CIREQ) - "Occupational Choice, Human Capital, and Financing Constraints," joint with Pavel Sevcik (UQAM) (Slides)

June 30th:

10h00-11h00: David Fuller (U Wisconsin Oshkosh) - "Eligibility, Generosity, and Take-up: A State Level Analysis of Unemployment Insurance in the U.S." joint with Stephane Auray (CREST-Ensai) (Slides)

11h00-12h00: Ofer Setty (Tel Aviv University) - "Financial Risk and Unemployment" joint with Zvi Eckstein (Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and Tel Aviv University) and David Weiss (Tel Aviv University)  (Slides)

12h00-12h15: Coffee Break (room 238)

12h15-13h15: B. Ravikumar (Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis) - "Explaining Cross-Cohort Differences in Life Cycle Earnings" joint with Yu-Chien Kong (La Trobe University) and Guillaume Vandenbroucke (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) (Slides)

13h15-14h15: Lunch (room 008)
14h15-15h15: Eric French (University College London, CEPR and IFS) - "Industry Dynamics and the Minimum Wage: A Putty-Clay Approach" joint with Daniel Aaronson (FRB Chicago) and Isaac Sorkin (U Michigan and FRB Chicago) (Slides)

15h15-16h15: Andreas Hornstein (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) - “Estimating Matching Efficiency with Variable Search Effort” joint with Marianna Kudlyak (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) (Slides)

16h15-16h30: Coffee Break (room 238)

16h30-17h30: Costas Meghir (Yale University, NBER and IFS) - "The Marriage Market, Labor Supply and Education Choice" joint with Pierre-André Chiappori (Columbia University) and Monica Costa Dias (IFS) (Slides)

Subscription fees

Les frais d'inscription pour les participants ne présentant pas un article sont de 35 € pour la journée (le déjeuner et les pauses cafés sont inclus)

> modalités de paiement

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