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Master in Public Evaluation and Decision

Ensai offers a track in Public Evaluation and Decision inside Rennes’ Master of Applied Mathematics, Statistics. Three branches are available:
- Public Statistics Methodologies (MSP)
- Statistics and Data Processing (STD)
- Statistical studies (ES)

Course description: Syllabus
Admission conditions
This schooling is available to students who followed the first year of the master's degree and to people who hold an equivalent diploma. INSEE Civil servants who are admitted as part of the continuous diploma-awarding training can also undertake this training.
Transfer student admission procedures are staggered between April and the end of May.

Public actors have access to local, national and even international databases, whose spread has been facilitated by the development of information technologies; and they thus need highly qualified statisticians to analyse and make use of the data. This master's aim is precisely to answer to this growing need of statistical expertise in order to aid public decision-making.
This master's degree prepares alumni for scientific and technical work, centered around statistical engineering, social or economic information systems, and for computer science jobs within public statistics.
It answers first and foremost to public service, national or local administrative needs, however, government ministries (such as Economy, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Health and Social Action, etc), public establishments (for instance social security funds), consular organisms and agencies depending upon territorial authorities could use the expertise one gains from this master's degree. They can also find opportunities in European or international organizations (Eurostat, OCDE, IMF, World Bank)
Moreover, public decision makers, especially at a local level, may use the services of  consulting firms who are specialized in public policy : these firms may offer job prospects to students from this Master's degree.