Advanced Statistical Engineering Specialization

Even though one of the outlets from this specialization is in industrial work, it is also very transversal. After following this specialization, students are able to adapt to problems within several different sectors of activity, such as industry, banking, environment, services, etc. It is the ideal choice for students who wish to commit themselves to research and development in statistics. The themes covered include quality and reliability, image and signal treatment, as well as forecasting and its applications, especially in the environmental sector.

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Industrial statistician...

Quality and operational safety are major issues in industry. Inside an industry, a statistical engineer implements many techniques in order to measure whether the product is up to what is required of it, in terms of quality (respect of applicable regulations) and reliability (works well), while minimizing costs. Inside a business, the reliability statistician can intervene in both the production (production chain surveillance and control, planification, production and production process improvement) and financial (production volumes, costs).

... in image and signal processing
Digital cameras, scanners, weather images.. images have naturally invaded our everyday life. Their processing has now become common in many sectors. All digital image processing techiques are algorithms based on statistical descriptions and mathematical image modeling.
Signal processing englobes all the software and hardware techniques that allow for handling, encoding, decoding, and filtering of electrical signals. This discipline ranges from the world of sensors to that of data and compression, to finance.
Application fields for signal processing theory are pleniful and concern the folliwing sectors: robotics, telecommunictions, car manufacturing, aeronautics, finance...

... in environment
Are fishing quotas necessary to save a fish or mammal species (red tuna, whale) ? Are we currently observing global warming ? Do hedges help foster biodiversity (birds, insects) ? What agriculture for tomorrow (yield, cost, pollution, species preservation) ? Can we avoid pollution spikes ? Does consumption of a certain product or contact with this other product have an impact on health ?

Statisticians allow for a rigorous scientific expertise on the data, in order to suggest answers to these societal problems. In particular, it establishes data collection protocols, allows for modelling and making predictions using collected data.

Keywords: image and signal processing, modelling, filtering and prediction, environment, experiment design

Privileged partner businesses

When taking into account technology and industry job's rapid evolution, engineering courses have to find a balance between scientific and industry-required skills. Thus, the advanced statistican engineer specializations strives to be as close as possible to the industrial sector's needs and constraints, and benefits from strong business partnerships.
These exchanges are cemented by:
- classes and professional seminars
- enf-of-studies project proposals
- many internships and jobs

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Learning through Research option

With the spectacular developent of computer science and new technologies, the incresing amount of data to be processed requiresnoe and ever-more powerful techniques. In that regard, statistical research is active in many scientific fields (geophysics, astronomy, biology, genetics, neurosciences, medical and satellite imagery...).

Students who with to pursue theoretical or applied research after Ensai can benefit from a Learning through Research option. During their third year, they can study for the "Mathematics and Applications" Master's degree in research, specialized in Mathematical Statistics, jointly accredited by Rennes 1 University, Rennes 2 University, ENS Rennes and INSA Rennes. They can follow up with an applied mathematics thesis that will allow them to undertake a career in academic research, as well as in business's R&D services.


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The high-level courses given out at Ensai allow graduats to find various job prospects: large industry businesses (SNCF, EDF, GDF, SAFRAN, THALES,RENAULT, NESTLE, THOMSON), survey and study institutes, service businesses (France Telecom, RTE), banks (Banque de FRance, Banque Populaire, BNP, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale), insurance businesses (AXA) and research centers (Ifremer, Inserm, CEA, INRIA, ONERA, INRA).
This specialization' specificity is that it opens students up to many sectors, opportunites that appear to statisticians from Ensai are numerous and each can lead a career that is close to his aspiration.

One can also read about some alumni's who have followed former specializations (cf Industry Specialization) at Médiamétrie (Quarterly Report #43), at SNCF (Quarterly Report #28-29 and Quarterly Report #24), at EDF and ONERA (Quarterly Report #21), at AXA (Quarterly Report #18), at Matra Bae Dynamics (Quarterly Report #15), at SNECMA, at CEA.