Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics Specialization

This specialization aims to offer students background skills in statistics and econometrics engineering that are applied to knowledge in territorial dynamics and health, and to allow public policy evaluation. It mobilizes many statistic and econometric, especially micro-economic tools. Various concepts are put into application in order to study relationships between health, retirement, territorial dynamics and thus public policies at work in these sectors. For instance, relationships between demography and health, urbanisation and spatial economy are studied, from both statistical and public policy angles.

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Econometry servicing territories and health

These courses represent the outcome of pluridisciplinarity that was developed during the two first years in statistics, probabilites, economy, computer science and English. These skills are applied to two specific fields:
 analyzing issues related to health and territories.
In order to answer to the specialization's requirements, common courses are divided in three broad fields. Statistic and econometric toolsets are developed in the first teaching unit, then students  benefit from two more teaching units, which raise awareness to territories and health's context and essential thematics. Then, according to their chosen field's major, they benefit from teachings that bring technical complements to further their territorial or health economics analysis skills. Finally, a specialization project allows students to apply tools they acquired in their specialization domain, before undertaking their third year, enf-of-studies internship.

Cutting-edge and dynamic partners

In support to its know-how and its expertise, the specialization benefits from partnerships with leading economic actors. More than recognizing this training, these partnerships help develop privileged exchanges, particularly via courses and professional seminars.

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A training through research option

Training through research is available to the brightest students in the Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics specialization who wish to complement their engineering classes with high-quality universitary courses in Economics and Health from Aix-Marseille School of Economics. Thanks to a special schedule, they can obtain a Masters's degree in parallel with their Engineer's degree.

Numerous job prospects

The specialization allows its students to work in many economic decision-making sectors, be in in the public  (government departments, health, social security) or private sector (study firms, pharmaceutical laboratories, consultants...).