Data Scientist Specialization

Data Sciences and Data Analysts

The Data Science specialization's aim is to give student a dual expertise; it being impossible to do without computer science and where ever-growing amounts of data to process requires serous statistical skills, these skills are in great demand in the current labor market. During this third year, students acquire a solid computer science base that will allow them to master sytem design, which enables them to more clearly define their expectations in order to process, using statistical tools, new sources of informations that are available througout the world. The DS specialization does not predetermine an application field, which can thus be defined during the year or even the internship, it mostly brings complementary skills in computer science, and keeps the doors of finance, biostatistics, marketing and any other field open and also allows students to pursue a thesis afterwards. This specialization specifically trains students for work in the data science and data analyst fields.

Thus, the new science of data considerably enlarges the spectrum of prospects available to our students, especially as Ensai is still one of the only French engineering schools to offer such a curriculum.

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Teachings that are innovative as well as being anchored in the professional world

The teachings that are offered address four large thematics : Big Data and data engineering, statistics for data munging (data mining), systems and networks, and application development.

For the sake of continuous innovation, they make the most out of the growing develpment of information resources and econometric or statistical methods that are more and more competitive : mastery of bleeding edge approaches complement the skills of our engineers.
If these teachings bring methodological complements to the first two years of Ensai through specific, in-depth classes, it also emphasizes studying tangible cases using numerous projects, workshops and professionally-oriented seminars (data mining; Web and JavaEE, etc)

Privileged partner businesses

The specialization benefits from privileged partnerships with flourishing businesses:

Solocal group Mediametrie Serviersociété générale  soft computing

It is also connectd to La Poste, Orange, Thalès, Cedricom Monétique, Logica, DGA, or Crédit Mutuel CIC.

These businesses intervene during classes, workshops, projets and professional seminars, as well as regularly welcoming our students in their third-year internship.

Numerous job prospects

Plenty of prospects are open at the end of the teachings, and are in fields as diverse as cousel, medias, telecommunications, banks and insurance firms, energy businesse, transports, finance, health, marketing in general and, of course, allows stuents to carry on to a theis (LaBRI and IRISA currently have PhD studentys from Ensai's DS specialization).
Also, comanies such as Google, Orange, Solocal group, Société Générale, Yves Rocher, EDF, Thalès, Renault, Bouygues group, Servier, Unesco, Nestlé, Claravista, Crédit du Nord, CNAM, OgilvyOne or Noeo formations, for example, have recruited students from this specialization, for internships or into jobs with indefinite duration contracts.