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Economics and Management Competitive Exam (D2)

These are the same exams as those for the economics competitive examination with the "Economics and Management" option for ENS Cachan (ENS Cachan D2 preparatory classes), with specific coefficients, to which is added a specific oral examination in mathematics.

ENSAI admits two categories of students: statistical engineers and INSEE civil servant student statisticians.

Around 15 places are granted for the economics and management option.

> List of candidates allowed to compete  - Economics and Management Competitive Examination 2019
> Consult the acceptance list (non-civil servants) for admissions at ENSAI for 2018-2019

Candidate Profiles

The "Economics and Management" option of ENSAI's Economics Competitive Entrance Exam is essentially suited for students who have completed ENS Cachan D2 preparatory classes.

Conditions to Take the Entrance Examinations

- statistical engineering students (civilian): no particular conditions apply.

- civil servant student statisticians for INSEE: candidates must meet the conditions for becoming a civil servant, and specifically have either French nationality or that of an EU Member State or a State signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (or Andorra, Switzerland, or Monaco), and enjoy full rights as a citizen (see information about the entrance examinations).
Candidates must also have either a valid schooling certificate (be a registered student) on September 1st of the year for which the examination is organized, to certify that they are in the second year of the preparatory classes for the grandes écoles entrance examinations, or a level III (2nd year post-baccalauréat) title or degree, or qualifications that are recognized as being equivalent to these titles or degrees. Candidates may only take the competitive exam to become an INSEE civil servant three times.

All candidates must have fulfilled any obligations they may have as regards National Service.


Registration for the Economics and Management entrance examination for:

- statistical engineering students (civilian)
- civil servant student statisticians for INSEE

is via the www.concours-bce.com website.

Examination fees for 2018:
- for statistical engineering students (civilian) : €51. Students receiving a French grant or bursary are exempt. 
- for INSEE civil servant student statisticians: free

Exams and Syllabus

The exams are identical for statistical engineering students (civilian) and INSEE civil servant student statisticians.

The subjects of the written and oral examinations are based on the programs for the Economics and Management entrance exams for ENS Cachan - with the "Economics and Management" option, except for the oral mathematics exam, which is specific to ENSAI.

The curriculum is, for all exams with the exception of the oral mathematics, that of the ENS Cachan "Economics and Management" entrance examination - "Economics and Management" option (Cachan D2). For the specific oral entrance examination, complex numbers are added to the ENS Cachan entrance exam curriculum.

Entrance Examination Regulations

Please refer to the notice regarding entrance examinations to the Ecoles normales supérieures (ENS), to appear.

Failure to be present for a test or receiving the grade of 0 eliminates a candidate from the examination.

Useful Links

- ENSAI Admissions Office at +33 (0)2 99 05 32 47 or by e-mail at admission [at] ensai.fr
BCE website (
banque commune d'épreuves), or joint examination bank: www.concours-bce.com
- INSEE examination service at +33 (0)1 41 17 52 05 or by e-mail at concours@insee.fr
- inter-ENS examination bank by e-mail at concours@ens.fr
- ENS Cachan at +33 (0)1 47 40 20 78 or by e-mail at concours@ens-cachan.fr

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