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Mathematics Competitive Exam


Candidates are admitted on the strength of their performance in the concours communs INP (CCINP).

ENSAI students have one of two different statuses : statistical engineering student  and civil servant statistician for INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies

About 70 places are available for those enrolled in the Mathematics entrance examination.

> Notice CCP 2019
> List of candidates allowed to compete - Mathematics Competitive Examination 2019
> Consult the acceptance list (non-civil servants) for admissions at ENSAI for 2018-2019


Candidate Profiles

The Mathematics entrance examination is intended primarily for students in the classes préparatoires (post-secondary preparatory classes) for the grandes écoles (CPGE), having chosen the MP or MP* specialization.

Conditions to Take the Entrance Examinations

- statistical engineering students (civilian): no particular conditions apply.

- civil servant statistician for INSEE: candidates must meet the conditions for becoming a civil servant, and specifically have either French nationality or else that of a EU Member State or a State signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and enjoy full rights as a citizen (see information about the entrance examinations).
Candidates must also have either a valid schooling certificate on September 1st of the year  for which the examination is organized, to certify that they are in the second year of the preparatory classes for the grande école entrance examinations, or a level III (2nd year post-baccalauréat) title or degree, or qualifications that are recognized as being equivalent to these titles or degrees. Candidates may only take the competitive exam to become an INSEE civil servant three times.

All candidates must have fulfilled any obligations they may have as regards National Service.

Registration for the Entrance Examinations

Enrollment for the Mathematics entrance examination for
- statistical engineering students (civilian)
- civil servant statisticians for INSEE
is via the www.scei-concours.fr website.

As a guideline, examination fees for 2019:
- statistical engineering student (civilian): €190 (CCP fees) + €55 (ENSAI fees). Total fees for students with a French grant are €0.
- civil servant statistician for INSEE:

Exams and Syllabus

The exams are identical for statistical engineering students (civilian) and civil servant statisticians for INSEE.

> Concours communs INP (CCINP) exams for a place at ENSAI
The written examinations are organized by the concours communs polytechniques (MP field).
For ENSAI, the physics and chemistry exams are not taken into account (coefficient = 0) and the coefficients applied to other subjects are specific to ENSAI. (see examinations).
For the written exams, no notification will be sent to the candidates. Canditates authorized to take the examinations must print out their own notification of timetables at the following address: http://www.concours-commun-inp.fr

The oral examinations are those of the concours communs INP (MP field); ENSAI does not, however, take into account the physics examination (coefficient = 0) and the coefficients applied to other subjects are specific to ENSAI. (see examinations).
Warning: for the oral exams, accepted candidates will not receive an individual notification. Dates and time are available at this address: http://www.concours-commun-inp.fr, in the résultats (results) section. To receive a date and corresponding time, candidates need to call +33 0 892 692 692 at least 48H before the exam between 12am and 8pm or consult the SCEI website.

> The syllabus for the Mathematics entrance exams is available in the information section for the Concours communs INP (CCINP).


> Annals

Entrance Examination Regulations

We recommend that candidates consult the information section about entering the Concours communs polytechniques (CCP).

This information pack constitutes the regulations for the ENSAI entrance exams.


Short-listed 2019 – Mathematics competitive exam - civil engineer

Short-listed 2019 - Mathematics competitive exam - civil servant


Admission list 2018 - Mathematics competitive exam - civil engineer

Waiting list 2018 - Mathematics competitive exam - civil engineer

Admission list 2018 - Mathematics competitive exam - civil servant

Waiting list 2018 - Mathematics competitive exam - civil servant


To enter Ensai, one must follow the joint school entrance procedure, which is described on the following website: www.scei-concours.fr

For more information, you can contact Aurélie Duchesne or Nadège Orrière, head of admissions
(email : admission [at] ensai.fr , tel : 02 99 05 32 47)

Useful Links

- ENSAI Admissions Office on + 33 (0)2 99 05 32 47 or email admission [at] ensai.fr
- the INP common competitive exam website at http://www.concours-commun-inp.fr for the regulations, syllabus, written exams, oral exams.
- the Engineering Schools Entrance Exam Office (SCEI): http://www.scei-concours.fr/ for enrollment for the exams,  and enrollment at the school.
- the ‘Entrance Exams’ Office at INSEE at +33 (0)1 41 17 52 05 or email concours@insee.fr


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