Guillaume CHAUVET

Guillaume CHAUVET

Attaché principal de l'Insee - Enseignant-chercheur en statistique à l'Ensai

ENSAI - Campus de Ker-Lann
Rue Blaise Pascal - BP 37203
35712 BRUZ cedex

Tél. : +33 (0)2 99 05 33 23
Fax : +33 (0)2 99 05 32 05
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I am a member of IRMAR (UMR CNRS 6625)

I obtained my PhD in Statistics from the University of Rennes 2

Title : Méthodes de Bootstrap en population finie (manuscript)

Defended on 2007, December the 14th

I obtained my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches from the University of Rennes 1

Title : Some contributions to Sampling and Estimation in Surveys (manuscript and talk)

Defended on 2014, November the 28th


Published or accepted

[26] L. Belin, G. Chauvet, Y. De Rycke, D. Hajage, F. Tubach (2018), Closed-form variance estimator for weighted propensity score estimators with survival outcome. Biometrical Journal, vol n° 60(6), pp. 1151-1163.

[25] H. Chaput, G. Chauvet, D. Haziza, L. Salembier, J. Solard (2018), Joint imputation procedures for categorical variables with application to the French Wealth SurveyStatistics and Applications, vol. 16, pp.123-144 (Invited paper for a special issue in honor of the 80th birthday of Professor J.N.K. Rao) [Présentation]

[24] G. Chauvet, W. Do Paco (2018), Exact balanced random imputation for sample survey data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, vol n° 128, pp. 1-16.

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Submitted or Work in progress

[27] G. Chauvet, R. Le Gleut (201X), Asymptotic properties of pivotal sampling with application to spatial sampling. In revision for Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. [Présentation]

[28] B. Gelein, G. Chauvet (201X). Preserving the distribution function in surveys in case of imputation for zero inflated data. In revision for Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.

[29] D. Hajage, G. Chauvet, Y. De Rycke, F. Tubach (201X), Variance estimation when weighting using the estimated propensity score to estimate a treatment effect on a binary outcome. Submitted.

[30] G. Chauvet, A.A. Vallée (201X), Consistency of estimators and variance estimators in two-stage sampling. Submitted.

[31] G. Chauvet (201X). Large sample properties of the Midzuno sampling scheme. Submitted.

[32] E. Anceaume, Y. Busnel, G. Chauvet, N. Rivetti (201X). Pivotal sampling in datastreams with estimation on sliding windows.

[33] G. Chauvet, C. Goga (201X), Properties of the calibration estimator with a very large number of auxiliary variables.

[34] G. Chauvet (201X), Bootstrap for multistage sampling and unequal probability sampling of primary sampling units. 

[35] G. Chauvet (201X), Simplified variance estimation for multistage sample surveys.

[36] G. Chauvet (201X), A note on the consistency of the Narain-Horvitz-Thompson estimator.

[37] G. Chauvet, M. Gerber (201X), Exponential inequalities for martingale sampling designs.


Asymptotic results

Balanced sampling, cube method

Imputation methods

Resampling methods

Reweighting methods

Variance estimation