Foreign Students

Through various channels, ENSAI welcomes many different foreign students. Please find the case below that corresponds to your situation in order to apply to ENSAI.

Furthermore, we encourage you to consult resources in the column on the left, offering you various documents and links with extremely practical information to help you in your decision, your application process, your courses/curriculum, and your eventual preparations for an arrival.

There is a network of associations in the city of Rennes to welcome and help you once you arrive, such as the Rennes International Mobility Center (CMI) (Centre de mobilité internationale de Rennes), which organizes cultural excursions and events like the Tam-Tam Festival, a series of welcome days for new foreign students.

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Erasmus+ Students

If you are a student at an institution with whom ENSAI has signed an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement and you wish to come study at ENSAI, please inform the Erasmus+ office at your home institution of your choice. Before ENSAI can accept your application, your home university must officially nominate you.

Once your International Relations/Erasmus Office has officially informed us of your nomination by e-mail, please complete the online registration at before June 16, 2017.

Erasmus+ ENSAI
Erasmus+ ENSAI

Erasmus+ ENSAI

Erasmus+ ENSAI

Erasmus+ ENSAI

n + i Network

For qualifying students in the "n + i" Network who wish to come study for 2 years at ENSAI to complete a Master "n+" and/or a Master "i", please note that you must apply through the "n + i" program's specific procedures.

To watch a video made by one of our n+i students, Xinmin Zhu, please click here.


n plus i à Ensai

Double Degrees (UFA program and others)

For students at one of our partner institutions, such as those through the Franco-German University program agreement (Université Franco-Allemande - UFA), who wish to come study at ENSAI with the aim of obtaining a double degree (ex/ Master of Economics from HU Berlin/U Mannheim and the Diplôme d'ingénieur en statistique from ENSAI, equivalent to a Master of Science in Statistics) while following first and second-year courses, you must apply through your home institution's International/UFA Coordinator following their specific procedures.

Other Partnerships and Exchanges

If you are a foreign student at an institution of higher edcuation with which we have an agreement or partnership (in America, Europe or elsewhere), spending one or more academic exchange year(s) at ENSAI could be an invaluable experience for you, culturally and professionally. Students with strong applied math and/or statistics skills, coupled with at least an intermediate level in French, are welcome to apply.

If ENSAI does not have an agreement or partnership with your institution, yet you are interested in applying, please contact International Relations directly.

First-year courses at ENSAI (3rd year of higher education) are equivalent to the 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate courses at international universities, while second-year courses (4th year of higher education) are graduate-level and equivalent to the first year of a Master of Science (MSc) in Statistics.

Please consult any documentation about ENSAI which may be available at your home university, as well as the resources in the column on the left, which include simplified versions of the traditional curriculum for first, second, and third-year students at ENSAI.

If you do not find what you are looking for and have further inquiries, you may contact International Relations who would be delighted to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

Transfer Students (admitted on prior qualifications)

Are you thinking of applying to ENSAI as a transfer student?

Consult the Admissions page for Transfer Students.

Note: ENSAI may periodically sponsor candidates for the Eiffel scholarships.