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Alumni Stories

Each year, around 60 ENSAI graduates enter the professional world. The ENSAI curriculum is widely recognized by employers. As proof, the professional world integration indicators observed with our graduates places ENSAI above the average for graduate engineering schools, concerning the net employment rate, the duration of job search or salary.

Civil servant statisticians for INSEE have a job as soon as they leave the school.

Are you interested in ENSAI but do not know what professions are open to you after you finish?

Have a look at some testimonies by our alumni to help you see things clearer...

> Anne-Cécile Bourien, biostatistician

Jonathan SICSIC, Cermes 3 (Inserm) et Université Paris Dauphine


Isabelle BONIFACE, Groupe Maximiles


Andrew MAHO, forMetris


Emmanuelle GALOU, Deezer, HQ


Claude PETIT, Boehringer Ingelheim

Son parcours

Claude Petit received her Masters’ degree (1993) from Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’administration économique’ (ENSAE), one of France’s leading institutions of higher learning. Her area of focus: statistics and economics.

She earned her Phd. (concurrent with a medical degree) in 1999 in the field of Biostatistics from the University of Kremlin Bicêtre (France) where she studied under Prof. Jean Maccario, employing Bayesian methods as applied to clinical trials, specifically involving the study and treatment of schizophrenia.

She served as Adjunct Professor in Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Grenoble (1999), Medical University of Paris (2004), and at Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et d’Administration Informatique (ENSAI), until her arrival in the US in 2007.
Extensively published, Dr. Petit served for many years as Secretary of Biopharmaceutical and Health group in SFdS (Societe Francaise de Statistique, http://www.sfds.asso.fr/ ) responsible for the relationships with The French Agency for Sanitary & Safety of Health Products) (AFSSAPS). Moreover she has been the Treasurer of the Organizing Committees of the 5th international meeting of SFdS and is now chairing the Organizing Committees of the 6th international meeting of SFdS which will take place in Paris in September 2009 (http://www.biopharma2009-sfds.fr/).
She is also a member of several statistical associations as PSI and DIA and thanks to her extensive work as a project statistician in oncology has been accepted as an ASCO member. Her area of interest is the use of Bayesian methods in phase IIb/III trials.
Working in the field of statistics since 1994, Dr. Petit has worked at Sanofi-Aventis (formerly Rhone Poulenc Rorer); ESCLI (CRO); Laboratoires Servier ; as well as Vice Head of Biometric at Lincoln (CRO). She joined Boehringer Ingelheim, France as a Biostatistics and Programming Support Head in 2004. She currently serves as Executive Director of Biostatistics and Programming with Boehringer Ingelheim, US. With about 60 people reporting to her, her team focus on respiratory, cardio vascular, oncology, CNS and virology drug. She has been involved in several submissions in Europe and in the US.

Situation actuelle

Claude PETIT dirige un service d’environ 50 personnes incluant statisticiens et programmeurs. Elle est très impliquée dans les dossiers de soumission à la FDA et travaille beaucoup avec ses collègues en Clinique et affaire réglementaire. Elle a adopté les méthodes de management americaines et s’épannouit dans ce pays plein d’opportunités. Elle s'est fait beaucoup d’amis americains et admire leur mentalité entrepreneuriale. Ils sont restés de vrais pionniers à la conquête de l’ouest par beaucoup d’aspects !

Son message

Il n'y a qu'une chose qui puisse rendre un rêve impossible, c'est la peur d'échouer !
Une des personnes que j’admire le plus est Marie Curie.

> sa 1ère année chez Boehringer Ingelheim

Aurélie VANHEUVERZWYN, Médiamétrie

Aurélie VANHEUVERZWYN, young and already in control

After attending ENSAI, Aurélie VANHEUVERZWYN became the Head of Analysis and Methods of the large survey company. This post is perfectly suited given her path…

Aurélie was admitted to ENSAI by competitive exam after having completed scientific preparatory classes (classes préparatoires), and she chose the specialization "Economics and Social Sciences" at the time. "I had the opportunity of attending Yves Tillé's lectures. He was the person who sparked my interest in opinion polls and survey statistics." She completed her final internship at Mediamétrie covering the following theme: "Estimating confidence intervals for radio audience indicators".

At the end of 1999, she chose to join the "Research and Methods" management team as a Project Manager, performing applied research on timing margins and bootstrap.

Aurélie then became a scientific manager, first in the "Internet and New Media" Department, a competitive area that allowed her to deal with customer relationships and learning needs, then for all the media in the Scientific Studies and Methods Department before becoming Head of the Scientific Analysis and Methods Department in 2008 (DAMS), which now concerns the activities linked to design, methods, processing, production and testing of the statistical chain. Each audience measurement system is based on original techniques, from design to analysis. The DAMS has for its mission, among others, the perfection of innovative techniques, and several patents have been developed. In 2008, a good illustration of this was the model that allowed the bringing together of audience databases for different media in order to create a system called Cross-Medias, which provides detailed performance results for the different media that exist.

Now in charge of 18 people and a member of the Mediamétrie Management Comittee, this young mother leads through her expertise, but also through her simplicity. She is a specialist in media surveys and is at ease when training her fellow co-workers or when in discussion with the company's clients. Usually, Aurélie is in charge of scientific communications at Mediametrie. She actively takes part in scientific seminars and congresses like the Colloque Francophone sur les Sondages ou les Journées de Méthodologie Statistique de l’Insee.

"ENSAI gave me both theoretical and applied practice." Any advice for future ENSAI students? "Choose a profession that interests you and that gives you a certain level of intellectual satisfaction, if not pleasure."

Mounir NORDINE, Sinopia Asset Management

After graduating from ENSAI and completing an internship in Asset Management, I have been a Financial Engineer with Sinopia Asset Management (HSBC Group) since 2005.

After having been involved in the different associations at the school, I wanted to continue with this experience by becoming involved with the Alumni Association, to allow the network to communicate and develop. I am currently the President of ASCAS.

Rémi SIROLLI, Calyon

A career in credit risk

Rémi graduated in 1999 and was specialized at the time in "Social Science Economics and Management," and completed his end-of-studies internship in the Strategy Department at SNCF.

He started his career at CETELEM (BNP Paribas), where he held two posts between 1999 and 2005: Statistical Project Manager (scoring, risk analysis) and Octroi Risk Expert (in charge of credit octroi regulations).
In 2005, he joined the Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne, and became Head of the Validation Team for marking models for retail banks, SME's and local authorities.
Since July 2007, Rémi SIROLLI has been part of CALYON, the investment bank of Crédit Agricole, as Head of the "Portfolio Quantitatice Models" team in the Country and Portfolio Risk Department within the Risks and Permanent Control management team. He leads a team of 7 experienced financial engineers, in charge of credit risk quantification issues (economic equity, collective provisions, stress scenario on the banking book, etc).

Rémi SIROLLI considers his path to be atypical; in a banking world that is increasingly specialized, he had the opportunity to gain experience in very different areas of credit risk (from private individuals to large corporations).
"Hired as a specialist, my main stength, as with all ENSAI graduates, was the fact that I was immediately ready to work. Add to this my taste for communicating with others and participating in teamwork - success guaranteed! Being able to explain the utility of my job and to prove this utility to  my operational colleagues was an undeniable plus. Afterwards, I needed to be careful not to become too closed off in the role of an expert."

Currently "school captain" for his employer and Vice-Président of the Alumni Association (ASCAS), Rémi SIROLLI creates a link between Crédit Agricole, ENSAI alumni, the school and its students. After having worked for 9 years, given some lectures and taken part in internship defense jurys, he is now in a position to give advice to students in his specialty: "Don't limit yourselves and think hard about what you want to do in life. Don't always pay attention to fashionable trends. They can lead you to make mistakes when making important decisions…".

He only has one regret: "I wasn't able to go abroad in 2002 as I had wanted…, " but that's just for now because he still has plenty of time to make this dream come true.

Guillaume CHAUVET, Insee

Guillaume CHAUVET, who is a member of CREST's Survey Statistics Research Team (LSE), has been a civil servant statistician for INSEE since 1999. He entered INSEE's Census Department in Lyon where he worked on methodology. He was involved in the design of the method for selecting samples for the census that started in 2004. Guillaume then became a researcher for the Survey Statistics Research Team at ENSAI. From 2004 to 2007, under the direction of Jean-Claude DEVILLE and Michel CARBON, he wrote a doctoral thesis on precise calculation methods by re-sampling. "My career has allowed me to become familiar with survey data. It was a very useful investment before writing my thesis." He was then assigned to the regional INSEE headquarters, where 60 % of his work involved dealing with methodology, and 40 % as a researcher for the Survey Statistics Research Team. He worked on the precision calculation of the Housing survey and on data precision gathered from census surveys. "It is difficult for INSEE statisticians leaving the school to become interested in research because few jobs allow for it. I was lucky enough to gain professional experience before starting work for the research team, which allowed me to become familiar with the methods used in survey statistics." Currently, Guillaume Chauvet is pursuing his research for INSEE and for French Public Statistics. He is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Statistics at ENSAI.


Maguelonne CHANDESRIS graduated from ENSAI in 2001. Specialized in the "Industry" program (now Advanced Statistical Engineering), she completed her end-of-studies internship at SNCF, in the Innovation and Research Department where she was offered the opportunity to continue with a CIFFRE thesis.

"The SNCF team was seething with ideas, so I searched for a university laboratory that would welcome me." Her thesis was supervized by P. DEHEUVELS, Director of the Laboratoire de Statistique Théorique et Appliquée de l’Université Paris VI (Paris VI University Applied and Theoretical Statistics Laboratory). The thesis is written on the building of times to avoid a "snowball" effect when trains are late. The theoretical aspect touches experiment plans, bootstrap techniques and empirical processes. After 2005, Maguelonne chose to stay at SNCF as a research project manager.

After her thesis work, she worked on projects in timetable creation and the statistical processing of incidents. Since 2008, she has been working with a new "Revenue Optimization" team. "My position as a project manager in research allows me to follow the entire life of a project at all stages and levels: from the idea to the industrialization, from budgets to organization, from the definition of data and the necessary statistical methods, to their practical implementation by service providers and workers that I manage." In particular, this work led her to become involved in a research collaboration with the CREST-ENSAI research teams on fraud measurement. Maguelonne likes working  "for a public service" with valorizing tasks that require all of  the skills aquired during her schooling at ENSAI. She often travels around France in order to meet teams outside of Paris and understand their needs, and occasionally travels abroad. She regularly takes part in specialized conferences. Maguelonne does not regret this time of maturing and deepening her skills, leading her to say that "we must do what we feel like doing, and know why we are doing it." That is the message she is sending to students - in particular at ENSAI - whom she regularly accepts for internships.

Sandra COURNAU, Médiamétrie

Sandra COURNAU, measuring Internet audiences holds no secrets from her...
Following Internet audiences has become the daily activity of Sandra COURNAU. Naturally sporty, Sandra is always one step ahead when proposing innovative measurement tools.

Sandra COURNAU was admitted to ENSAI after completing Cachan classes preparatoires and with a DEUG in Economics (equivalent to a Higher National Diploma). She specialized in Biostatistics and completed her end-of-studies internship in 2007 at the LUNDBECK laboratory in Paris, on the subject of "the efficiency of anti-depressants".

With her ENSAI degree in hand, Sandra continued her studies with a Master's in Marketing and Communication at the ESCP Business School in Paris, in order "to gain confidence in myself and in-depth knowledge of the business world, thanks to further education in marketing and communication to go beyond my training as a statistician."
She completed an internship at Mediametrie then was hired by Mediametrie//Netratings as a Project and Marketing Manager in 2008. This subsidiary of Mediametrie is a joint-venture between Mediametrie and Nielsen, the American company. In charge of measuring Internet audiences in the "Studies and Development" Department, she follows a panel of 25,000 users and uses a statistician's basic tools on a daily basis, such as SAS or SQL language. In addition, she implements marketing tools to sell studies, signs agreements with clients, and takes part in external presentations.

Her current position not only requires her skills in Statistics and Marketing, but also her own personal interest in the media. She is able to deepen her knowledge of media and wishes to take on more responsibilities at work.
In the future, Sandra (who is a keen basketball player) wishes to become involved in sports sponsoring (naming) or CRM in sports. Until then, her message to future graduates is: "be interested in everything because statistical engineers can work in any area," including the most unexpected.

Lorie DUDOIGNON, Médiamétrie

Lorie DUDOIGNON, her work autonomy is a major asset
Lorie DUDOIGNON started working for Médiamétrie from home after she moved away. This shows her value to the company as well as her adaptability. It also shows that technology can be the base for modern work arrangements.

Lorie DUDOIGNON was admitted to ENSAI in 1997 after scientific training. She opted for the "Industry" specialization (now Advanced Statistical Engineering) in her third year in order to simultaneously complete a Master in Applied Mathematics at the University of Rennes 1.
She then became part of the Laboratory of Analysis, Topology and Probability at the INRIA in Marseille to complete her end-of-studies internship based around "Probabilistic model for genetic evolution".

At the end of 2000, Lorie graduated from ENSAI and joined this same laboratory to write a thesis while being a mathematics instructor in the university's Economics Department. This experience made her realize that being a research professor was not exactly what she had expected. So in 2002, she developed an interest in media, and was hired by Médiamétrie as a project manager in the Science department. "It is a company where there are numerous data to be computed». Lorie worked on the renovation project of Médiamat, a system used for measuring TV audiences in France. With the IT teams, she was involved in rewriting algorithms.
Two years later, named Head of Sciences, she led a team of four project managers.
In 2007, Lorie left Paris and Médiamétrie to follow her spouse to Bordeaux. Given her expertise and experience, Médiamétrie offered her the opportunity to continue working from home on specific projects. This is the perfect situation given that she is a young mother. She plans for the necessary evolutions of the Médiamat panel, specifically to allow for new means of media such as computers or telephones, and to offer new measurement tools that apply to them.

Lorie admits that she was well prepared for working thanks to her education at ENSAI, even though she has since had to optimize the methodology for creating questionnaires. She takes part in many different conferences and events like the Statistics days of the SFdS or the Statistics methodology days at INSEE. She has welcomed several young interns. Her advice to them and all students is to "widen your areas of interest and gain as much experience as possible".

Pascal AUDOUX, Europ assistance

After a brief period in the civil service, I set up an IT company in 2000, to develop software for microchips, before being hired by Oberthur Card Systems. After a short period as an IT consultant in 2004 with Altior, I was hired by Europ Assistance where I am now in charge of different IT projects.

I have been involved with ASCAS since its "renewal" in 1999, where I held several posts (Secretary, President, President of Honor...) until 2012. I served as a living memory for the associations and coordinated all of our activities.

Frédéric DUBOIS, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

After graduating in 2005, I spent a year at Pfizer. I now work in the Biometrics Department at Pierre Fabre Laboratories, at Boulogne-Billancourt (near Paris), developing new treatments for cancer.

I have been Secretary of ASCAS from 2007 till 2012, and I believed it is important to maintain links with alumni through this association. I organized meetings, the General Assembly, Stat’dating…

Erwan BARGAIN, Celtis Conseil

After spending 8 years in various consultant agencies, I created Celtis Conseil in 2008, specialized in Marketing and Risk Management.

I have been part of the ASCAS association since 2007, notably as one of the webmasters.

Claire GOUMILLOUX, Société Générale

After briefly working in Marketing, I now work for Société Générale with consumer credit, in France initially and now abroad.

I used to be very active with ASCAS, today I'm at "contact@ensai.org".