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Ker Lann Campus

Ensai Étang

The Ker Lann campus was created in 1990 in the Rennes Metropolitan area. The technology campus is home to higher educational institutions, training bodies and businesses. The aim of having a joint business and educational park is to encourage contact and partnerships between academia and business.

Since 1996; Ensai has been located at the heart of this green campus just outside of Rennes, a medieval, royal, festive, creative, gourmet and cultural city.

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Schools on the campus

17 schools and training centers on Ker Lann campus

The Ker Lann campus, in Bruz, at the gates of Rennes, offers a large variety of training possibilities:
- work/school training programs, secons cycle (post-L2) training (licence, masters, Engineering diplomas)...
- propsects in very varied fields, private or public service; including but not limited to edication, social work, industry, logistics and transports, statistics, environment, commerce, craftsmanship, hotels and restaurants, economic ans social sciences, accounting, finance, law, teaching, osteopathy, ...



You can find all the catering possibilites available on the Ker Lann campus's website, including : University cafeteria, restaurant, McDonalds, the mall...


Seven on-campus residence halls give one a large choice of studios or flats.

One can also find many offers for renting a flat in  Bruz and in Rennes.

Finally, if family or friends come to visit, Berenice and Vol de Nuit residences have hotel-like flats.