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ENSAI, along with ENSAE is a part of the Grouping of National Economics and Statistics Schools (GENES), which brings together the research and teaching activities of INSEE.

ENSAI has been accredited by the French Accreditation Board for Engineering Education, the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur), to award a Master’s level engineering degree.

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Founded in 1994, ENSAI has been located on the Ker Lann Campus since 1996, in the countryside just outside Rennes. ENSAI is part of the network of prestigious higher education establishments in France known as  Grandes écoles, or specialized graduate schools. ENSAI's education trains its students to become qualified, high-level managers in information processing and analysis. After graduating from the statistical engineering or INSEE civil servant statistician program, our students have threefold expertise in statistics, econometrics and computer science, which is universally recognized in all professional sectors. 
Statistical engineering students become statistical engineers after 3 years when they obtain the Diplôme d'ingénieur, a Master's-level engineering degree equivalent to a Master of Science (MSc) in Statistics (representative of a total 5 years and 300 ECTS credits of post-baccalauréat studies).
Civil servant student interns become official civil servant statisticians for INSEE after 2 years; they are paid for their education at ENSAI, a monthly net salary of roughly € 1,550 (bonuses included).

ENSAI is also accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to deliver a Master of Science in Big Data (known as a Master international or DNM in the French nomenclature).


Our Mission

Training statistical engineers

ENSAI is the leading French Grande Ecole, or graduate school, to dispense in-depth education in statistics, economics and computer science, enabling its graduates to work in one of the many fields of statistical engineering. After three years of study, our students graduate as ENSAI statistical engineers, with a degree that is accredited by the CTI.

Training INSEE executives for the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies

For a third of our students each year, coming to ENSAI means starting their career in the civil service as a member of the INSEE corps of civil servant statisticians. Training lasts two years, and they follow the same courses as the statistical engineering students during this period. Civil servants can, under certain conditions, obtain a Bac + 5 level through the Public Evaluation and Decision inside Rennes’ Master of Applied Mathematics, Statistic" thanks to integrated training, which can be continous (following the two years of initial training) or deferred (during the first six years of their professional life).

Tuition and Fees

Engineer Statistician Program
The tuition and fees for the 2017 – 2018 academic year are 1,850 €.

INSEE Civil Servant Students
Civil servant students are exempted from tuition and fees and receive a monthly salary of approximately 1,550 € before taxes.

Master in Public Statistics
The tuition and fees for the 2017 – 2018 academic year are 256 €.

Master of Science in Statistics for Smart Data
The tuition and fees for the 2017 – 2018 academic year are 8,000 € for initial training and 10,000 € for students in continuing education (reduced fees are available for ENSAI partners). Students who are accepted into the Statistics for Smart Data program are not eligible for GENES grants.

History of the School

Until 1994 the training provided by ENSAI was as a branch of ENSAE (Paris Graduate School of Economics, Statistics and Finance) in Paris.

When the GENES (the Grouping of National Economics and Statistics Schools) was set up, the CGSA branch of ENSAE was renamed the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Analyse de l'Information (ENSAI, the National School for Statistics and Information Analysis). It trains engineers for all fields of statistics and information processing.
ENSAI and the two research teams of the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) moved to Rennes in 1996.

Getting to ENSAI

ENSAI is located on the Ker Lann Campus in Bruz just south of Rennes. (See map)

By car

The campus is along the main Rennes-Redon road (D177).
From the Rennes outer belt, take the exit onto D177 towards Saint-Jacques de la Lande.
Exit: Parc des expositions – Campus de Ker Lann

By bus

The campus is served by the #57 or the Ker Lann Express bus lines run by the Star Rennes Metropole bus and métro service. Departure is from the République Pré Botté bus stop in Rennes.

Consult the complete timetable and bus route at www.star.fr or download the Star app for smart phones (Star Information Office, from France: 08 11 55 55 35).

By train

The campus is served by the Rennes-Messac/Guipry or the Rennes-Redon train lines. The SNCF “Ker Lann” train stop allows for direct access to the campus in 10 minutes from the Rennes train station.
Consult the complete timetable at www.ter-sncf.comwww.voyages-sncf.com or by calling 36 35 (€ 0.34/ minute).