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School life

ENSAI is located near Rennes on the Ker Lann campus, where there are about six thousand students. This location is ideally suited and offers pleasant working and living conditions with a range of facilities covering accommodation, catering, sporting activities and associations.


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Associations play an important part in life at ENSAI.

Alumni Association
The ENSAI Alumni association organizes networking events and activities, publishes a magazine and alumni directory, helps welcome new students and sits on the various school boards (Improvement Council, Teaching Committee, etc.).

Student Union
The Student Union (bureau des élèves) co-ordinates all the student associations. It oversees the running of a number of clubs: photo, cinema, chess, music, skiing, theatre, rock, humanitarian, lectures, debates, and games. It manages the school cafeteria and organizes the new student orientation weekend, the annual ski trip, and cultural and entertainment evenings.
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ENSAI Gala Association
This organization plans the annual ENSAI Gala. The gala, more than just an event, is organized by the students themselves. This annual tradition allows for students of all generations and graduating classes to come together in a festive atmosphere. Very often, the evening has a theme, accompanied by various eclectic activities within the heart of the school.

ENSAI Junior Consultant allows students to employ their skills in statistics, information processing or economics to help businesses and local authorities.

Business Networking Forum
This association is responsible for contacts between students and the business world. It organizes forums.

Sports and Leisure

Practicing sport regularly is not only a satisfying activity on an individual basis, but it is also a good way to socialize and to get to know people. As a means of encouraging a balanced life, practicing sport regularly quickly becomes a source of well-being, physical fitness, and an occasion for convivial moments, since it brings the experience of shared adventure and going beyond one’s limits.

Sporting and Leisure activities available:
Football/soccer (training and competition), handball, tennis, badminton, physical fitness/training, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Conditions to sign up for and practice an activity:
There has to be at least 10-20 interested individuals to put an activity in place. The different sports offered are overseen by specialists who are competent in their disciplines.

Weekly sports:
These intramural sporting activities are offered from October to March (except during school vacations).
Monday and Thursday evenings are devoted to training sessions. The competitions are organized by the French University Sports Federation (FFSU). Their calendar is available at the beginning of November.

Training sessions last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Competitions last the regulatory period of time as laid down by the FFSU for each sport (see FFSU’s annual guide for sports).

Tournaments are organized during the academic year in badminton and tennis, for example. Interested persons need to obtain a permit.
A multi-sport terrain is available for tournaments, practice, or informal fun with friends (football/soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, pétanque, palet, table tennis).

Foreign Students

Every year ENSAI welcomes foreign students. However, it is not possible to come to ENSAI for graduate engineering studies without serious preparation beforehand.

The Rennes International Mobility Center, or CMI Rennes (Centre de mobilité internationale de Rennes), provides services for international students, PhD students, and researchers who are participating in international mobility programmes on the Rennes site. Its objective is to enhance the welcome of incoming mobility students and to contribute to the development of the mobility of Rennes students

The CMI Rennes consists of 11 Higher Education institutions in Rennes and the Rennes Métropole District Council.

The CMI Rennes provides support for incoming or outgoing international mobility to different types of end-users:

  • Incoming mobility: International undergraduate, graduate and PhD students and researchers in Rennes
  • Outgoing mobility: undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students or researchers from higher education institutions in Rennes wanting to go abroad to study or conduct research.


The CMI Rennes has been given three main goals:

  • To leverage resources so as to optimize the efficiency and quality of the facilities provided for international undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, and researchers when they come to Rennes.
  • To help member institutions develop international mobility for their own students and staff.
  • To encourage interaction and mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures.
Disabled Students

Irrespective of their status as statistical engineering students or civil servant statisticians, ENSAI welcomes and helps students with a wide range of disabilities – be they sensory, motor, or illness-related - to participate fully in school life. Staff work closely together to ensure disabled students are fully integrated.

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Or else contact the team in charge of helping disabled students (handi [at] ensai.fr).

Student Grants

A grant based on social criteria
The Grouping of National Economics and Statistics Schools (Genes Group) comprises both ENSAE and ENSAI. These schools welcome "free" students, meaning that they are not civil servants, French and foreign. They are not public higher education establishments dependent on the Education Nationale (French National Ministry of Education) but rather are run by the Ministère de l'économie de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi (Ministry of Economics, Employment and Industry), so students are not eligible for CROUS grants which are given out based on social criteria. The GENES Group decided, in 1966, to create their own grant system, with a specific budget.

Three criteria:
- The family's revenues
the revenues taken into account are those that figure in the "Revenu brut global" (taxable income) line on the family's most recent tax declaration.
- The number of children under the family's guardianship
This concerns children who are under the responsibility of the family for tax purposes, or of the legal guardian or of the person who has parental authority, even if this is from previous marriage(s). The tax declaration is that of year N - 1 taken into account for examination of the right to a grant or the current year in the case of a birth or marriage. Payment of almony to a child who is over 18 does not constitute tax dependence.
- The distance from the place of study
The distance taken into account is the one that separates the family home (commune of residence) from the establishment where the student is enrolled. (Less than 30 km  Between 30 and 249 km  and 250 km and more)

Suite à la délibération 2012-13 du 9/03/12 , mise en place d’aides complémentaires aux bourses sur critères sociaux : les aides au mérite et à la mobilité internationale.

Grant amount
For the 2016-2017 year, the yearly amount of the grant based on social criteria, which is based on different eligibility levels from 0bis to 7, are as follows:
level 0bis: € 1,009
level 1: € 1,669
level 2: € 2,513
level 3: € 3,218
level 4: € 3,924
level 5: € 4,505
level 6: € 4,778
level 7: € 5,551

Students who benefit from level 0 are exonerated from paying registration/tuition fees, as well as from  paying the annual cost to have student health insurance coverage (obligatory in France). This also applies to all higher levels of eligibility.
The grant is paid in two installments (Novembrer and March). 

Contact: Corinne BARZIC (viedelecole [at] ensai.fr)


There are a number of accommodation halls on the Ker Lann campus.

Students can also apply for housing in Bruz or in Rennes.

The accommodation office of the student mutuelles (complementary health insurance coverage) also offers a certain number of places.

SMEBA, one of the student mutuelles, has an accommodation office with ads for student rental accommodation that can be consulted free of charge all year round. In order to take up one of these offers you have be a SMEBA member and take out their University Insurance cover.

Students can also go to the Student Accommodation Centre.

In order to make it simpler for students to find accommodation in Rennes, a Student Accommodation Centre is open every year from early July to late October at 3 place Saint Melaine in Rennes. This Centre is a joint partnership between Rennes Municipality, the Compagnie Générale des Eaux, France Télécom, the MNEF, the Centre d’Information Jeunesse Bretagne (CIJB), the Transport Rennais (STAR) network and the ADIL.

Dispositif Visale  ( ex Clé - Caution Locative Etudiante Lokaviz )
La garantie Visale d'Action Logement est une aide totalement gratuite qui consiste à couvrir les défauts de paiement ( loyer + charges décrites dans le contrat de bail ). Anciennement Clé ( Caution Locative Etudiante) du Crous-Lokaviz, Visale a pris le relais de cette aide à destination des jeunes de moins de 30 ans rentrant dans un logement.  L'intégralité de la démarche a été dématérialisé pour faciliter le temps de traitement de chaque dossier. En complément Action logement a développé d'autres dispositifs comme Loca-Pass, cumulable avec Visale pour faciliter l'intégration et la constitution du dossier locatif.


All students at the school are entitled to enjoy the various facilities organized by the CROUS, Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (a regional organization providing student grants, accommodation and  dining halls). The ENSAI student card gives access to the dining halls on the campus and in Rennes. Statistical engineering students pay the student rate and civil servant students pay the INSEE personnel rate.

In addition, there are restaurants on and near the campus.

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SNCF. STAR et leurs partenaires proposent aux étudiants rennais des forfaits mobilités à des prix avantageux.