The BDE presents you The ENSAI through its various associative activities. They developed for you a ENSAI Student Union Activities Brochure.

Are you interested in coming to ENSAI?… Are you still undecided? Well, don’t wait any longer to check out this brochure and come join this dynamic team at the start of the next year!

The previous ENSAI Student Union Activities Brochure:

Plaquette alpha 2016 plaquette alpha 2015 plaquette alpha 2014 Equipe BDE2014 Ensai
2017 2016 2015 2014 2014
Plaquette alpha BDE Ensai 2013 Plaquette BDE 2012 Plaquette alpha BDE Ensai 2011 Plaquette BDE 2010 Plaquette alpha BDE Ensai 2009
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Gangstat EnsaiLa tribu - BDE Ensai 2016